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LMP presses for unified Budapest suburbs policy

Ors Tetlak, a leader of opposition LMP and deputy mayor of Erd, a big city on the outskirts of the capital, called for a unified policy for the urban agglomeration around Budapest at a press conference on Saturday.

Tetlak said the suburbs around Budapest were full and pointed to the need for immediate changes. He pressed for “a return of municipal councils’ rights” and an end to the “policy of punishment”. A part of European Union funding transferred to Hungary should go directly to local governments, he added.

He also proposed the establishment of a coordinating body, founded on policy, not politics, with an “appropriate” scope of authority, with the participation of city leaders and local government federations.

Local councils need to get back their authority over regulation of construction and environmental protection, he added.

Tetlak said flat-rate county public transport passes should be replaced with a “cheap and fair” climate pass.

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