Peter Ungar – Photo: Facebook

LMP politicians stress importance of effective green policy at party conference

Speakers at the 54th conference of the green LMP party stressed the importance of an effective green policy in Budapest on Saturday.

Peter Ungar, the party’s co-chairman, emphasised that “profit cannot come before man and nature,” and the balance between them, “upset by our arrogance and stupidity”, must be restored.

“We have to fight now because it could be too late next year,” Ungar said. He said it is LMP that will protect the water, the air and farm land from those who “want to sell them out to foreigners for profit”.

Erzsebet Schmuck, LMP’s other co-chair, said the main opponent of the green policy was not denial but greenwashing, since those causing the problem try to pretend that they have changed, they are “interested in our future”, but they actually do nothing for sustainability.

Schmuck criticised the government’s renewable energy policy and said it would be a fatal error toturn Hungary into a “battery superpower”. She pointed out that this technology is very dangerous and water- and energy-intensive, while these resources are needed elsewhere.

Thomas Waitz, co-chair of the European Green Party, said the countries that earlier invested into renewable energy were now using the cheapest electricity. He cited the example of Austria, where the motorways are lined with wind turbines, while “hardly any are to be seen” on the Hungarian side of the border. He called on his audience to show that there are people in Hungary committed to the fight for the future, and to join forces to represent the green principles as effectively as possible in the European Parliament as well.


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