LMP: Paks upgrade would increase Hungary’s dependence on Russia

The planned upgrade of the Paks nuclear power station would further increase Hungary's dependence on Russia which should not be neglected "in the shadow of the Russia-Ukraine war", opposition LMP said on Friday.

Party lawmaker Mate Kanasz-Nagy said LMP would ask people’s opinion in a public consultation on green matters whether they would support the cancellation of the current contract about the Paks investment project.

He said that Hungary should not rely on nuclear energy because it is neither green, nor safe, nor sustainable.

Kanasz-Nagy called for shifting the focus to renewable energy which he said was cheap, safe and environmentally friendly.

He condemned the government’s National Consultation survey, stating that it was deceitful and omitted such important issues as sustainability and green matters.

LMP’s “green consultation” covers licencing for wind power station, simplifying the use of solar energy, the launch of a nationwide building insulation scheme and the introduction of a discounted national transport card dubbed “climate pass”.

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