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LMP: MPs’ right to clear admittance to Parliament suspended by speaker

House Speaker Laszlo Kover has suspended opposition LMP lawmakers' right to clear admittance to the Parliament building for a period of six months after the activists of teachers' movement Tanitanek Mozgalom had been let in to a session last week, the party said on Tuesday.

LMP said in a statement that ruling Fidesz had demonstrated several times in recent months that instead of trying to solve the most serious problems facing Hungary, “they simply want to deny them, doing everything in their power to keep silent about the disappointing situation of teachers and the protests resulting from it”.

“Our job is to do the opposite,” the party said. “As a result, no matter what punishment Laszlo Kover introduces, we will not change our position … to use all means possible to attract attention, and allow everyone else to attract attention, to the fact that teachers in Hungary today are forced to work in a drained existential situation, having to follow an outdated basic syllabus.”

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