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LMP motions for stricter control of battery plants

Opposition LMP has submitted a motion to parliament on tightening control over battery plants set up in Hungary, expecting lawmakers of the ruling parties "to support the initiative", the party's national board leader said on Monday.

Ors Tetlak told a press conference that in a most recent accident at a battery plant in Komarom, in northern Hungary, eight workers were taken to hospital after toxic substance had been released into the air. “In such instances, the health of local residents in the area is also at risk,” he said.

The fines to be levied on pollutants under current Hungarian law are “ridiculously low”, said Tetlak, urging that “the plants be held accountable for polluting the environment”.

“Those plants are entitled to receive several tens of millions of forints worth of [state] support without taking any commitment,” he said, adding that the party’s motion calls for setting fines in proportion to those plants’ revenues.

LMP also calls for closing down plants that are in a serious violation of laws or are repeat offenders, said Tetlak.

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