Peter Ungar – Photo: Facebook

LMP: Message of revolution is ‘there are things worth fighting for’

The message of the 1848-1849 revolution and war of independence is that there are things worth fighting for, opposition LMP co-leader Peter Ungar said on Wednesday, marking the March 15 national holiday.

Ungar said in a video message posted on Facebook that it was important to remember the revolution and war of independence because it marked the birth of modern, civic Hungary. It was a time when the country’s independence and autonomy developed to its current form, he added.

The foundations of current politics were laid, enabling every person to have an equal say to influence politics, he said.

LMP’s other co-leader Erzsebet Schmuck said “we are proud of the heroes that came before us” and added that a country must again and again fight for its independence, freedom and future.

“We say that it is also necessary to fight against economic colonisation,” she said. “Capital must not come before people, political profiteering must not come before the interests of future generations and our natural resources must not be sacrificed to greed,” she added.

She said the most important message was that “nobody can decide about our future over our heads”.

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