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LMP lawmakers boycott vote on proposals aiming for EC deal

Lawmakers of the opposition LMP boycotted the vote on draft legislation aiming to strike an agreement with the European Commission on EU funding for Hungary, party spokesman Jozsef Gal said on Tuesday. The government today tabled a bill on establishing an anti-corruption body.

Gal told an online press conference the proposals were “very clearly tabled only to comply with EU funding regulations, as indicated in their name.”

The question is not whether Hungary is “entitled” to the funds the EU is holding back in the conditionality procedure, Gal said, but rather “how we can stop these funds from later migrating back to [large EU countries] via French or German big capital” as a result of Fidesz’s economic policies.

Meanwhile, he said the “the only way to boost the economy was through a green transition”, and he called on the government to allocate funds to promoting the use of wind and solar energy and a large-scale building insulation programme.

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