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LMP: If government can afford pay hike for police, then teachers should also get higher wage

The opposition LMP party has repeated its demand that the government raise teachers' wages.

“If there are enough funds in the budget to pay for a pay rise for police, then there is no reason to tie a hike for teachers to the arrival of EU funds,” MP Mate Kanasz-Nagy told a press briefing on Wednesday.

Also, he said government communications were contradictory, with the prime minister’s chief of staff stating that teachers’ wages can be raised even if the EU holds back funding and the minister for regional development insisting funds will be forthcoming. The government would be able to pre-finance a pay increase for teachers if the latter were true, he added.

LMP wants people working in education to get a 45 percent wage increase and salaries to be adjusted to inflation twice a year. Also, teachers should work fewer hours, he said.

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