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LMP: Hungary won’t become ‘battery-plant colony’ if plebiscite successful

If the referendum on the government decree on priority investments launched by opposition LMP is successful, then Hungary "will be protected" against becoming "a battery-plant colony", an official of the green party said on Wednesday, noting that the Constitutional Court has ruled that a plebiscite on priority investments can go ahead.

For this to happen, 200,000 signatures must be collected in four months, Antal Csardi, the green party’s deputy group leader, told a press conference on Wednesday.

He insisted that the shores of Lake Balaton, Lake Ferto and other big lakes, as well as “the whole country”, would be prevented from being “sold off” if aims of the party’s initiative prevailed.

He said the decree on priority investments served the sole purpose of bypassing all existing legislation which put regulatory curbs on certain kinds of investments, so opening the way for the pursuit of projects that benefitted “Fidesz oligarchs”.

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