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LMP: ‘Huge success’ that referendum bid on priority investments can go ahead

The opposition LMP party considers it a "huge success" that the party's referendum initiative to scrap provisions in the Hungarian law on construction, which allow priority investments to be fast-tracked, can go ahead under a fresh decision of the Kuria, Hungary's supreme court, LMP's deputy group leader said on Thursday.

The Kuria’s decision made it clear that there were no obstacles to holding the referendum as doing so would not affect the budget, Antal Csardi said at a press conference.

Csardi noted that the referendum bid had been appealed at the Kuria by construction and transport minister Janos Lazar and his ministry, among others, and the appeals showed that the only purpose of the law on priority investments was to serve the business interest groups close to Fidesz.

He said that those opposing the referendum still had the option of turning to the Constitutional Court but the Kuria, he added, had now made several clear decisions on the issue, declaring that the referendum can be held on scrapping the sections of the construction act on priority investments.

The work of collecting signatures for the referendum can begin after the elections, on July 9, Csardi said.

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