Illustration – Photo: MTI

LMP holds demo against battery plants, election committee

The opposition green LMP party held a demonstration on Tuesday evening against the construction of battery plants and a recent decision by the National Election Committee (NVB) rejecting the party's referendum initiative on requiring the consent of local communities before building such plants.

LMP’s deputy group leader told the demonstration held in front of the NVB headquarters in central Budapest that the election committee had “fulfilled ruling Fidesz’s political will” when it rejected the party’s referendum initiative.

“They want to turn Hungary into a battery plants’ colony despite the fact that the majority of people oppose such a policy,” Mate Kanasz-Nagy said. He accused Fidesz of “selling Hungary’s treasured natural resources to the profit-hungry multinationals which will put the country at the mercy of eastern and western capitalists even more”.

Andras Suszter, an activist of the Protect the Future (Vedegylet) green NGO, said that together with LMP they had filed a lawsuit for annulling the construction permit of a battery plant in Debrecen, in eastern Hungary.

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