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LMP: Government wants to make Hungary China’s ‘battery colony’

The government wants to make Hungary "China's battery colony", the deputy parliamentary group leader of opposition LMP said at a press conference in Budapest on Sunday.

Mate Kanasz-Nagy said the government is “putting the country in debt to the Russians for the rest of the century” so the expanded Paks nuclear power plant can power “Chinese battery factories”.

He said a resolution published in the official gazette, Magyar Kozlony, earmarking 115 billion forints (EUR 303m) for an upgrade of power lines “serves to deliver high-voltage electricity from Paks to Debrecen”, where construction of a big Chinese battery plant is underway.

LMP advocates backing renewable energy and believes the government should ask people if they want Chinese battery factories before developments start, he added.

He noted that LMP has initiated a referendum on the matter and said he hoped the National Election Committee would take a positive decision on the endeavour in the spring.

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