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LMP: Government neglecting people in homes for elderly, disabled

The government is failing to "guarantee the security of people having to rely on welfare services" and those living in homes for the elderly, the disabled and other similar institutions, the opposition LMP party said on Tuesday.

Krisztina Hohn, LMP’s welfare spokesperson, told a press conference that people living in communal facilities “cannot be certain that they will continue to have a home” as those facilities may not be able to pay their utility bills. Rather than helping those people, the government has “put a decree in their stockings” under which such facilities are no longer required to ensure minimum conditions for their dwellers, she added.

All necessary welfare services could be financed “if Prime Minister Viktor Orban at last consented to the necessity of a global minimum tax,” Hohn said, proposing that the corporate tax should have two brackets, with companies earning less than 500 million forints (EUR 1.2m) in annual revenues continuing to pay the current 9 percent, while firms that earn more should pay 25 percent.

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