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LMP: Government has failed to meet pledges on wind turbines

The government has so far failed to deliver on the pledges it made in connection with wind turbines as part of its efforts to access EU recovery funding, the deputy group leader of green opposition LMP said on Monday.

The government pledged to abolish by March 31 “the absurd restrictions” on the installation of wind turbines, Antal Csardi told a press conference. It also pledged to conduct a broad public consultation on the matter and to launch “a transparent and comprehensive dialogue” with local governments by the deadline, he said.

“LMP last week sought the opportunity for consultation and draft legislation on changing the regulation on wind turbines in a lot of places, but could not find them,” said Csardi. “The government insists on using Russian fossil energy which is however not cheap, and will not be so, and it is, in addition, dangerous.”

“We know there is a disagreement within [ruling] Fidesz about wind turbines and that the prime minister is one of those opposing them. And although he seemed to join the camp of supporters with the EU funds in mind, still nothing has happened,” Csardi said, adding that parliament’s Fidesz majority had voted down every proposal LMP had submitted in the past on permitting the use of wind turbines.

“We will, however, not allow the issue to be removed from parliament’s agenda and will keep submitting our proposal … until the government has no other option but to fulfill its own commitments,” Csardi said.

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