LMP: Government fighting virtual enemy Soros

The government is fighting a "virtual enemy", financier George Soros, because it is easier to send messages to Soros than to resist the large power interests of Russia and China, opposition LMP said on Monday.

Laszlo Lorant Keresztes said that in the current severe social economic crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic, it would be reasonable to expect the government to work on improving people’s health and mitigating the damage to the economy. Yet, its measures had only deepened the crisis, he added.

The government, he said, did not represent Hungarians’ interests but pursued a “neoliberal economic policy” serving multinationals. Efforts to boost the Hungarian economy, he added, were based on cheap labour and taking workers’ rights away.

Keresztes slammed the Budapest-Belgrade railway line development project, which he said only served Chinese interests, while a gagging order was slapped on it for a period of ten years. The government is spending 200 billion forints (EUR 565m) on the project this year and next, whereas the money should have been spent on supporting families, he added.

The LMP politician said the planned expansion of the Paks nuclear power station would drive generations of Hungarians into debt, while a series of legal amendments were made this year that only served the interests of the Russian investor, he said.

He added that the cabinet was being “hypocritical”, talking about migration but “buddying up” to Turkey’s president who has threatened to open the gates to millions of migrants setting off for Europe.

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