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LMP: Government decision strips Gyor of farmland for battery plant

A government decision reclassifying the utilisation of an area of 400 hectares will take away all farmland around the city of Gyor, in north-west Hungary, paving the way for the construction of a battery plant, a spokesperson of opposition LMP said on Friday.

Anna Suveg told a press conference that her party was protesting against the decision together with locals.

She said that hundreds of lorries would be crossing an area next to the Gyorszentivan district of the city every day instead of its current use of growing plants. The new regulations would allow the establishment of an industrial area with considerable noise and odour pollution, as well as the risk of fire, explosions and contamination hazards, she added.

The party is organising a protest with local civilians in front of the city hall on Monday, she said. Locals have already expressed dissatisfaction at various forums because the hazardous investment project was planned to be carried out without any consultations with them, she added.

Suveg said the plant is likely to operate 24/7 with machinery generating noise even during holidays.

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