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LMP: Government announced ‘programme for Hungary’s economic colonisation’

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's speech at a conference on Thursday was tantamount to a "programme of the economic colonisation of Hungary", opposition LMP said on Friday.

In his speech at the year-opening event of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce (BKIK), Orbán said Hungary would build gas plants in the eastern part of the country, deputy group leader Mate Kanasz-Nagy told a press conference.

The plants will be fuelled with Russian gas, further curbing Hungary’s energy independence, he added.

They will provide energy to the battery plants to be built in Debrecen and Nyiregyhaza, Kanasz-Nagy said. “We will use Russian gas to help Chinese plants to sell their products to German car manufacturers, which then take the profit out of the country,” he said.

Regarding the economic development minister’s statement that Hungary should increase the number of jobholders by 500,000, Kanasz-Nagy insisted the government would rely on economic migration to achieve that goal. “Why is the government ploughing hunderds and thousands of billions into plants that will then employ non-Hungarian workforce?” he said.

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