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LMP firmly opposes relaunching uranium mining in Hungary

The green opposition LMP party firmly opposes relaunching uranium mining in Hungary, a lawmaker of the party said on Wednesday, arguing that it would pose grave environmental and economic risks.

Laszlo Lorant Keresztes, the head of parliament’s sustainable development committee, told a press conference streamed online that at his hearing before the committee, the technology and industry minister had pledged to reconsider the possibility of reviving uranium mining.

“Mining uranium would not get the country closer to energy independence, and, in addition, it would come with serious environmental, economic and security policy risks,” he said, adding that as a result, thousands of properties would lose their value in the Baranya County region, in southern Hungary.

Jozsef Kobor, the party’s councillor for the city of Pecs, the county seat, told the same press conference that uranium mining would provide jobs to only a few hundred people, not necessarily to the residents of Pecs. He added that the local council had passed a decree earlier ruling out the development of uranium mines.

They both called on the government to support renewable energy production.

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