LMP: Fidesz absence from committee meeting on Pegasus would be admission of responsibility

LMP believes that if politicians of ruling Fidesz do not participate at a meeting of parliament's national security committee called for Monday to discuss the use of the Pegasus spyware, it would be an admission of the government's responsibility in the matter, the opposition party's co-leader said at a press conference streamed on Facebook on Sunday.

Mate Kanasz-Nagy said opposition parties had called the committee meeting to establish who used the spyware targeting several hundred Hungarian citizens, including independent journalists, opposition politicians and public figures, and to what end in recent years.

“The cabinet must deliver at the meeting an answer to the question of whether Hungarian specialised services bought and used the Pegasus spy software,” he added.

The opposition expects to learn whether Justice Minister Judit Varga or any of her predecessors cleared the programme for use, and whether Prime Minister Viktor Orban had any knowledge of the surveillance, Kanasz-Nagy said.

They would also like to know if surveillance with the spyware is ongoing, he added.

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