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LMP concludes ‘Green Consultation’

Opposition LMP has concluded a "Green Consultation", and said an "overwhelming majority" of respondents had agreed with the party's proposals towards a green transition.

Deputy group leader Mate Kanasz-Nagy told a press conference on Thursday that 95 percent of respondents agreed with the party’s proposal that the government should launch a national home insulation programme “as soon as possible”. Currently, only some 20 percent of residential buildings are insulated, barely a quarter of the ratio in Austria, he said.

Fully 91.8 percent agreed with the party’s proposal to withdraw legislation curbing the construction of wind turbines, and 91.5 percent agreed with scrapping the fees on solar panels, he said.

Some 72.3 percent of respondents “said yes” to a comprehensive public transport “climate pass” encouraging the use of public transport rather than cars, and the same proportion agreed that the contract to upgrade the Paks nuclear plant should be scrapped, he said.

“Unlike the government’s consultation designed to deflect responsibility”, LMP was looking for answers on “real” issues such as energy and climate crisis and energy poverty, Kanasz-Nagy said.

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