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LMP calls on government to withdraw decree exempting polluters

Opposition LMP has urged the government to withdraw its decree exempting polluting companies from fully adhering to environmental protection rules, insisting that certain exemptions could still apply to battery plants.

Laszlo Lorant Keresztes, chairman of parliament’s sustainable development committee, told a press conference that the government claim that battery plants and other dangerous manufacturers operating in Hungary must comply with strict environmental rules was “deceitful”.

According to the government decree, any polluter can be exempted from the legal consequences of pollution by concluding a contract, he said, adding that even though the government promised to change the decree to exclude battery plants from waivers, it had not done so.

Also the decree, he said, may apply in the case of ongoing legal disputes and fines.

The LMP politician said that as long as the government decree was in force, any company could escape being fined, and the party demanded the decree’s withdrawal.

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