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LMP calls on government to support green, sustainable developments in capital

Opposition LMP said it would like to see a greener and more sustainable, livable Budapest and called on Minister of Construction and Transport Janos Lazar to support developments to that effect in the capital.

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, the party’s deputy group leader Mate Kanasz-Nagy said developing the capital is not only the task and responsibility of the city council but also of the government. He said it was a positive thing that Budapest has a mayor who wants to develop the city in a greener direction, adding that LMP supports these efforts.

Kanasz-Nagy noted that Lazar had suspended or withdrawn several investments and funds in Budapest and called on the minister to stop impeding the city’s endeavours to create a greener and more livable capital.

Bernadett Bakos, another MP of the green party, said LMP welcomed the steps taken by the city to reduce traffic, for example the creation of bicycle lanes on the Grand Boulevard, the car-free Chain Bridge and recently announced plans to dismantle two overpasses over major thoroughfares in Budapest.


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