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LMP calls on government to seek public opinion on battery plants

The opposition LMP is calling on the government to allow Hungarians to give their opinion on battery plants in a national referendum, party board member Ors Tetlak said on Thursday.

The National Election Office rejected LMP’s proposal of such a referendum earlier this week.

A representative survey by Greenpeace has shown that 62 percent of Hungarians reject the construction of further plants in the country, Tetlak told a press conference.

Hungary lacks “all the resources necessary for implementing the battery industry strategy: there are no raw materials, not enough energy or water”, he said.

Tetlak noted that several workers at a plant in Ivancsa, in central Hungary, were recently hospitalised after breathing in dangerous materials. “Meanwhile, government propaganda insists that the battery industry is strictly regulated,” he said.

In reality, insufficient oversight and “the negligence of a government only looking at the interests of multinational companies” make those plants a serious risk factor, he added.

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