LMP calls on government to protect Hungarian employees in W Europe

The opposition party LMP is calling on the government to support stricter European Union regulations on recruitment services and temporary work contracts, and to protect the interests of Hungarian employees in western Europe.

LMP lawmaker Peter Ungar told an online press briefing on Tuesday that the EU principle of the free movement of labour did not work in practice when it came to offering the same conditions and wages to employees, regardless of which country they originate from.

He cited court rulings in Germany revealing that different conditions were offered to workers in areas such as elderly care, agriculture and meat processing.

The way to resolve disputes would be stricter regulations on recruitment and temporary work contracts, he said. Unless these are regulated at an EU level, western European employers will abuse the rules and pay eastern European workers below the minimum wage, he added.

He called on the government and all Hungarian MEPs to stand up for the interests of Hungarian workers employed by western Europeans.

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