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LMP calls on government to invest in alternative energy

Opposition LMP on Thursday called for investment in alternative energy and accused the government of hypocrisy in its approach to green issues.

LMP lawmaker Peter Ungar told an online press conference that neither Prime Minister Viktor Orban nor any of his deputies had attended the climate summit in Glasgow. Instead, “President Janos Ader has been sent out” whose green policies involve no more than “saying nice things in various podcasts”, he added.

“Despite much talk about green issues, staying away from the climate summit shows that instead of helping the fight against climate change, the government wants to hinder it,” Ungar said. “What shows the cabinet’s real performance is that Hungary’s carbon-dioxide emission increased by 12 percent between 2013 and 2019,” he added.

Ungar also criticised the government for investing in fossil energy use in the Matra power plant and for “banning wind energy in Hungary”.

“As long as they fail to spend money on enabling low earners to insulate their homes and use less energy, it will be difficult to talk about a real reduction in public utility costs,” he said.

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