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LMP calls on government to cancel Azerbaijan electricity transmission contract

The opposition LMP party has called on the government to cancel the multilateral agreement with Azerbaijan on electricity transmission.

In December 2022, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán signed the agreement regarding the undersea power line with his Georgian and Romanian counterparts and the Azeri president, LMP politician Ors Tetlak noted at a press conference on Friday.

He said it was baffling that the government was counting on Azeri wind energy while blocking wind farms in Hungary, noting that barely 5 percent of Azeri energy was from renewable sources, and there is no guarantee that green energy would be delivered by a country rich in natural gas.

The LMP politician noted that the project was in the planning stage, and based on the 2.3 billion euro EU subsidy for the project, Hungary would receive hundreds of billions of forints to pay for construction, when this money could be spent far more effectively.


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