LMP calls for polluters to finance transition to green economy

The opposition LMP party, unlike Viktor Orban's government, would get the biggest polluters to finance the transition to a pro-environment, green economy, MP Peter Ungar said on Sunday.

In Hungary, ordinary people are paying large companies that are the most responsible for climate change, not the other way round, Ungar told an online press briefing.

Ungar protested against the government granting state subsidies and tax reliefs to Coca-Cola and ExxonMobil under the pretext of a strategic partnership, calling the latter company “one of the biggest climate killers”. He noted that the oil company had analysed the connections between fossil fuels and climate change in an internal report back in 1982 but failed to publish its conclusions. Last year, he said, ExxonMobil spent 40 million US dollars on supporting climate deniers in the public sphere.

Once in government, LMP, Ungar said, would enforce the “polluters pay” principle which, he added, most people supported.

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