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LMP calls for parliamentary decree against shale gas production

Green opposition LMP will submit a proposal to parliament aimed at banning shale gas production in a decree, LMP's co-leader told a press conference on Monday.

Mate Kanasz-Nagy insisted that the government “gives totally wrong answers to the energy crisis” such as cutting down protected forests, increasing coal mining and “increasing gas production especially through shale gas”.

Shale gas production is “extremely dangerous and harmful” for the environment, and its drawbacks “highly override any profit or benefit” it may yield, he said. Kanasz-Nagy said the production and use of shale gas involved methane emissions, which was detrimental for the climate, while chemicals used in its production would destroy the region’s drinking water stock. He added that several countries had banned shale gas production because of the technology involving a risk of earthquakes.

The energy and climate crisis call for environment-friendly and sustainable answers, such as LMP’s proposal for implementing a building insulation programme, Kanasz-Nagy said.

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