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LMP calls for nationwide monthly transit pass to promote climate protection

Opposition LMP has called for the introduction of a nationwide monthly transit pass promoting climate protection, based on a German example, the head of the party's parliamentary group said on Sunday.

Peter Ungar said the pass should be offered at a price of 5,000 forints to encourage the use of public transport and help resolve the energy crisis.

LMP will submit its proposal to parliament next week, he added.

The current energy crisis results not only from the Russia-Ukraine conflict but basically it is caused by a world order based on fossil energy use coming to a close, he said. Humanity will face a series of energy crises before that happens, he added.

He criticised the government for not taking any action despite several government members having expressed support for the German initiative. The measure the party is calling for would ease the burden on energy reserves and also on families’ finances, he added.


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