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LMP calls for debate between Budapest mayoral candidates

Opposition LMP has called on Gergely Karacsony, Budapest's incumbent mayor, and Alexandra Szentkiralyi, ruling Fidesz's mayoral candidate, to accept a debate with David Vitezy, the green party's candidate.

Mate Kanasz-Nagy, LMP’s deputy parliamentary group leader, told a press conference on Saturday that the race between Karacsony and Szentkiralyi was “sinking Budapest into the swamp of an intellectual civil war”, adding that this was costing the capital “a lot of opportunities”.

He insisted that Karacsony’s administration was “preoccupied with the intellectual civil war it is waging against Fidesz” instead of focusing on the city’s affairs.

A debate with Vitezy, he added, would also present the opportunity to “hold Karacsony and Szentkiralyi to account”.

Kanasz-Nagy said Karacsony would be asked why he had waited until now to announce the connection of the tram network on Pest side of the capital, why he wanted to sell a student hostel building in south Buda, why his administration had not investigated irregularities in connection with the metro upgrades and why “they stuffed the supervisory boards and boards of directors of Budapest-owned companies with party politicians”.

He said Szentkiralyi would be asked why the government was diverting resources from the capital and why it was only allocating funding to projects like the plan to redevelop the Rakosrendezo area in Budapest’s 14th district.

Budapest residents deserve to hear the candidates debate their plans in public, Kanasz-Nagy said.

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