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LMP calls for abolition of law on priority investments

Opposition LMP has called for the abolition of the law on priority investments, arguing that the regulation allowed the government to bypass rules when licensing major investments.

The Kuria, Hungary’s supreme court, recently approved LMP’s referendum initiative on the matter, Mate Kanasz-Nagy, the party’s deputy group leader, told a press briefing on Saturday.

He called the law on priority investments “the law of lawlessness”. It allowed the government to launch big investments anywhere in the country, he said, “ignoring the rules, the interests of the community, as well as local opinions and decisions”.

By scrapping the law, LMP wants to return the right to municipalities to have a say over — or even veto — an investment if they feel it would have an adverse impact on the lives of their residents, Kanasz-Nagy said.

He said LMP believed that people’s opinions and the protection of the natural environment were more important than the interests of big capital.

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