The Rakosrendezo train station - Photo: Wikipedia

LMP: Budapest’s Rakosrendezo is ‘green gold reserve’

Budapest's Rakosrendezo neighbourhood is a "green gold reserve" where more parks and green areas should be developed, not buildings, the opposition LMP said on Saturday.

Deputy parliamentary group leader Mate Kanasz-Nagy told a press conference that the government planned skyscrapers and highrises for its “Rakos-Dubai” project that would turn the neighbourhood into an urban “heat island”, making life difficult for residents.

He called out Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony for not rejecting the project and suggested a “pact” may have been made with Construction and Transport Minister Janos Lazar.

Kanasz-Nagy complained that details of a new public transport tariff system had not been revealed by either the city council or the central government had said LMP had launched a petition to “rescue” Budapest public transport passes after the new system is rolled out on March 1.

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