The Liszt Music Academy - Photo: Wikipedia

Liszt Ferenc music academy establishes central European music history research group

The Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music has set up a group to research central European music history with the aim of exploring the past 350 years of Hungarian music in the context of its region.

The group has started carrying out research covering Hungarian language culture, the former Kingdom of Hungary and Habsburg Empire, central and eastern Europe in Soviet times, and connections with various German-speaking countries under the auspices of the musicology department headed by Lorant Peteri, the academy said on Friday.

The group also held its first international conference under the title “Rethinking Central European Music” as part of this year’s Bartok World Violin Competition, organised by musicologists Anna Belinszky, Gergely Fazekas and Peteri.

Academy of Music teachers and other Hungarian institutions are joined by specialists from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland and Serbia, including the University of Cambridge, the University of Surrey, Royal Holloway (University of London), and researchers from Leiden University.

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