Photo: Varosliget Zrt.

Liget Budapest showcased at Museum of Ethnography

The 10-year-old Liget Budapest project is being showcased at the visitor center of the Museum of Ethnography. The venues of the museum quarter located in the City Park have attracted 7.5 million visitors so far, the project's ministerial commissioner said on Friday.

Laszlo Baan said “fantastic progress” had been made, notwithstanding successive disputes and fighting with many “phantoms”, and construction of the “capstone” of the investment, the new National Gallery would start in 2025. In 2028, the 15th anniversary of the project would be celebrated with the opening the new “world-class art museum”, he said.

Benedek Gyorgyevics, chief executive of Varosliget, the project managing company, said Liget Budapest offered a more enhanced experience both to culture lovers and park users. At the same time, it was a great fillip to the local real estate market and tourism, he added.

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