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Lazar: ‘Historic’ three-year wage agreement signed with rail, bus trade unions

A "historic" three-year wage agreement was signed on Tuesday with trade unions of the MAV-VOLAN group of railway and national bus companies, the minister of construction and transport said.

Janos Lazar said on Facebook on Wednesday afternoon that all nine trade unions of MAV-VOLAN employees have approved the deal before midnight after Solidarity, the trade union for bus employees which had organised a strike for Volanbusz workers, also signed the agreement.

He said earlier in the day that Volanbusz employees will get at least 28.4 percent higher wages in three years, of which 17 percent, at least 70,000 forints, will be paid this year.

Bus drivers will get an over 20 percent wage increase this year and a legal guarantee for above-inflation wage increase in the future, he added.

Lazar said the nine signatures were what was needed “to ensure that all of the group’s employees receive the increased wages from January”.

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