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Lawmakers take up parliamentary mandates

Lawmakers winning a parliamentary mandate on national party lists in Hungary's general election took over their documents of appointment at a formal event in the Parliament on Wednesday.

Presenting the documents, Attila Nagy, the head of the National Election Office (NVI) said the voting on April 3 and the referendum held simultaneously had gone smoothly. The processing of data after the close of polls also went without problems, he said.

Andras Teglasi, the head of the National Election Committee (NVB), said the committee had announced the election results by April 14 which became final and biding after the rejection of an appeal by the Supreme Court, the Kuria, two days later.

The first lawmaker to receive his mandate was Viktor Orban, the leader of the party list of the Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance.

According to the final results of the election, allied ruling Fidesz-KDNP have secured 48 mandates, the united opposition 38 and the Mi Hazank Movement six mandates. The National Self-government of Germans in Hungary has got a preferential mandate.

President Janos Ader has convened the inaugural session of Hungary’s new parliament for May 2.

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