The plenary session of Parliament on 15 December – Photo: MTI

New law stipulates that a mother is a woman and a father a man

Lawmakers adopt 9th constitutional amendment

Lawmakers on Tuesday adopted the 9th amendment to Hungary's constitution, stipulating that a mother is a woman and a father a man. The government-sponsored amendment passed with 134 votes in favour, 45 against and there were five abstentions.

The fundamental law now protects a child’s right to identify with their gender at birth and an upbringing based on Hungary’s constitutional identity and Christian culture.

The explanatory text states that western ideology is changing in a way that necessitates guaranteeing the child’s right to self-identity in line with their gender at birth in order to protect the child from mental or biological intervention affecting their physical and mental wellbeing.

Raising children according to Hungary’s “constitutional identity and Christian culture” gives new generations the chance to learn about Hungarian identity and to protect its sovereignty as well as the national role of Christianity, it added.

Commenting on the vote, Istvan Hollik, the communications director of ruling Fidesz, said that parliament had strengthened the protection of the homeland, families and children.

“As it could be expected, the political left did not support any of the government’s proposals,” Hollik told a press conference. “They this way made it clear that they had no intention whatsoever of defending Europe’s Christian culture, the rights of our children and traditional family values.”

“To the left, George Soros and migrants are worth a lot more than their homeland or a family,” he said.

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