The Paks nuclear power plant – Photo: OAH

Lantos: Hungary energy supplies secure

Hungary's gas supplies are secure, with more gas in storage than public consumption needs, the minister of energy said on Thursday. And also thanks to the robust electricity system, energy supply is secure, he added.

Csaba Lantos told a press conference during a break at the general meeting of cities with county rights that 5,000 megawatts of solar power stations operate in Hungary. Owing to the combined production of solar power stations and the Paks Nuclear Power Station, there are 15 minute periods when Hungary produces carbon-neutral electricity, he added.

Efforts are being made to encourage renewable energy production to replace traditional energy so that the country becomes increasingly carbon-neutral, he said, adding that the security of supplies was paramount.

The other key issue in energy is affordability, he said, adding that government policy helps households, some three-quarters of households receive energy at capped prices, which are the cheapest in Europe for both gas and electricity.

Efforts are being made so that economic players and local councils can receive energy at the most competitive prices, he added.

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