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Lang: Deputy mayor ‘admits’ city leadership ‘brought Budapest to bankruptcy’

Ruling Fidesz's Budapest leader Zsolt Lang said on Thursday that the deputy mayor of Budapest had admitted that the city's leadership had brought Budapest to bankruptcy.

Lang said on Facebook that in 2019 when Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony took over the city from his predecessor Istvan Tarlos, reserves totalled 214 billion forints (EUR 560m).

“By now, the balance of payments shows minus 5.4 billion forints, in other words bankruptcy,” he added. He accused the city leaders of irresponsible management and “squandering the money under their responsibility”.

Earlier on Thursday, Deputy Mayor Ambrus Kiss described the 2024 budget of Budapest as the “budget of restructuring”, and said “finally we are hopefully over with the series of crises”.

Kiss said that the series started with the coronavirus pandemic, then came the energy crisis, followed by the crisis caused by inflation.

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