The House of Music - Photo: wikipedia

Lang calls on Budapest mayor to say sorry for comments about Hungarian House of Music

Fidesz politician Zsolt Lang has called on Budapest's mayor, Gergely Karacsony, to apologise for his comments regarding the House of Music, a new landmark building which forms part of the Liget Project in the capital's City Park.

Commenting on the critically acclaimed building designed by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, Karacsony said in a television interview that “building in a park in the 21st century is like pissing in holy water in church”.

At a meeting of the Budapest General Assembly on Wednesday, Lang, who leads the Fidesz party in the assembly, said that not since the 1990s had politics in Hungary been besmirched by “such crudeness”.

He added that Karacsony’s comment was “unworthy” and denigrated every Hungarian who visited the centre.

Lang also said it was “shameful” that Karacsony and other metropolitan officials had not taken part in the handover ceremony of the “unique building”.

In response, Karacsony said he was opposed to building in green areas in principle. Hundred-year-old sycamore trees in the park, he added, were “of greater value than any human creation”.

Karacsony also apologised for “an vulgar expression that slipped out” and for any offense this may have caused.

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