Tamas Lanczi - Photo: hirado.hu

Lanczi: Sovereignty Protection Office to start operating on February 1

Hungary's Sovereignty Protection Office will start operating on Feb 1, Tamas Lanczi, appointed to head the new body, said in a video posted on Facebook on Saturday.

Lanczi said it was important to note that the organisation was not an authority but an office, and as such, it would not mount investigations or issue sanctions.

The main task of the new body will be to conduct inquiries, to research and identify the risks “threatening Hungary’s sovereignty and, if possible, do everything to eliminate these dangers, he said.

The first job of the new office will be to prepare for the next two elections, due to be held in June, he added, noting that European parliamentary elections and municipal elections will be held in early summer.

After the 2022 parliamentary elections, it was revealed what attempts to influence the elections had been made, he added. “The first task of the office will be to prevent this from happening again”, he said.

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