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KSH: 6,139 births, 9,396 deaths in April

The number of births fell by 3,9 percent in April compared with the same month in the previous year, while deaths went down by 10 percent, according to preliminary data published by the Central Statistical Office (KSH) on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the number of marriages was up by 6.4 percent with 3,688 couples tying the knot in the same period.

Fully 6,139 children were born in April, while there were 9,396 deaths.

The natural population loss was 3,257 people compared with 4,067 in April 2023.

Fully 83,012 children were born between May 2023 and April 2024, 7.6 percent fewer than in the same period of last year. Altogether 125,930 people died in the same period, 4.9 percent fewer than last year.

There were 8.0 live births and 13.6 deaths per thousand inhabitants in the first three months.

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