Laszlo Kover – Photo: MTI

Kover: St. Stephen’s legacy ‘under attack’

The legacy of Saint Stephen, considered the founder of Hungary, has come under attack in a way that has been unprecedented since the post-communist transformation, House Speaker Laszlo Kover said on Sunday.

Kover told a meeting of the Saint King Association in Sancrai (Szekelyszentkiraly), in Romania, that Christian culture, national identity and the country’s sovereignty were “under attack”. The attacks employed “new tactics” which involved alienating people from their natural community, state, nation, country of birth, faith and traditions, he added.

“They force people to lose their self-identity and even take away the certainty of what gender they belong to,” he said.

Kover said the enemy was also new; not a state but hovering above the state, involving “an army of politicians who have been bought or blackmailed, international networks of agents calling themselves civil organisations, multinational companies, communications companies that has become global empires and western mind managers”, he added.

Kover said Hungary and central Europe were among the “noisiest battlefields”, but the “war” was not only “against Hungary” but also against “democracy and human dignity”. However, Hungary, just like in 1456, 1848-49 and 1956, has an opportunity to ‘show an example and remain worthy of real freedom”, he added.

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