Laszlo Kover – Photo: Inforadio YouTube channel

Kover: No illusions about Europe, but Hungary won’t abandon European ideals

Laszlo Kover, the speaker of parliament, told a gathering in western Hungary on Saturday that Hungarians no longer harboured any illusions about Europe, "though neither are we willing to abandon our European ideals".

Celebrating the anniversary of the consecration of a chapel in the village of Pordefolde, Kover said Hungarians had abandoned their communist illusions of the state providing life’s solutions, “though we’ll never give up the ideal of the state that serves the Hungarian people.”

Linking the idea of Europe to “the eternal heavenly ideal” of Jesus Christ, Kover spoke of “a Europe that offers everyone freedom, security, prosperity and fairness”.

In the second half of the twentieth century, he added, communism sought to “wrench this ideal of Europe away from us”.

Kover said Hungarians wanted an independent and just Hungarian state that served and protected the nation, “helping the homeland prosper and grow throughout the Carpathian Basin”.

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