Speaker Laszlo Kover - Photo: MTI

Kover: ‘Let Europe belong to Europeans’

Parliamentary speaker Laszlo Kover said on Thursday that the position of Hungary's national policy "cannot be anything other than: let Europe belong to Europeans".

Kover told a plenary session of a forum of ethnic Hungarian MPs from the Carpathian Basin (KMKF) that European people must be given back the right to democratically decide if they want war or peace.

“Let them freely decide who should be allowed to enter Europe and who should not be allowed,” Kover said.

He added that the European Union had a future only if “the European social majority of normality” could also acquire political majority.

The task of Hungary’s national policy and the task of KMKF is to seek cooperation with those “that together with us want to prevent that our nations disappear, and the European Union sinks in tyranny or anarchy”.

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