Laszlo Kover – Photo: MTI

Kover: Hungary doing better now than at any time post-1990

The Hungarian nation, its society and families are doing better today than at any time since the 1989/1990 change in political system, Laszlo Kover (Fidesz) said after being reelected Speaker of Parliament on Monday.

It is this improvement and increasing prosperity that are behind the election result, he said during the inaugural session of the new parliament.

“At the same time, we’re living in times of danger, and the achievements of the past 32 years are endangered by the financial and economic crisis, illegal migration, the pandemic and the war in our neighborhood,” he said.

Kover was elected speaker in a secret ballot. As the sole candidate, he received 170 votes in favour and 13 against out of the 183 MPs present in the chamber.

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