Speaker Laszlo Kover - Photo: MTI

Kover: Europe under threat by ‘alien future’

Europe is under threat by "an alien future", one that is alien to all the continent's values of the past 2,000 years, Laszlo Kover, the speaker of parliament, said at a conference of the European Union Civil Cooperation Council (EuCET) in Budapest on Friday.

Europeans should not feel alienated from their own homeland, he said, adding that Europeans should not be uprooted from their Christian values and national cultures, “which are the foundations of Western civilization”.

“We don’t want Europeans to be made intellectually and emotionally stateless,” the speaker said.

A common aim, he added, was to ensure that “our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren” in Europe and the wider Western world should never feel like strangers in their own homeland.

Judit Varga, the head of parliament’s European affairs committee, told the conference that sovereigntists must lead Europe back to “the path of rationality” because the EU had left its original path.

“When we joined the club, we approved a system of rules but we now find that the club is not working in line with those rules,” she added.

The aim is to lead Europe back to “its own legal framework”, the former justice minister said.

The Hungarian government and the EuCET community serve as a “social compass” and want to enforce the best measures for the whole of Europe, she said. “The compass of Europe’s conscience must point towards Christianity because Christianity is our cradle,” she added.

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