Laszlo Kover – Photo: MTI

Kover: Europe neglecting ‘fundamental existential needs’

The European Union's politics is "far from reality" and "fully neglects the most fundamental existential interests of its own voters", House Speaker Laszlo Kover said in Martovce (Martos), in southern Slovakia, late on Wednesday.

Speaking at the opening forum of the Esterhazy summer camp, Kover said the debates on the future of the EU concerned how Europe could meet the United States’ requirements rather than how Europe could meet challenges. He suggested the debate was aimed at making Europe the US’s aid in its struggles against a trend of several global power centres rather than a single one emerging. “Mankind’s future will be determined by whether there is cooperation or rivalry between those centres,” he insisted.

According to Kover, the war in Ukraine was in fact rooted in “the post-WWII strategy that the US must be in, Russia out, and Germany down”. The current situation is the result of the US’s “being dramatically close to losing the title of the world’s leading power with China economically defeating it in the foreseeable future”, he insisted.

Referring to “an American nightmare of creating a unified economic area from Portugal to East Asia, with a free trade zone emerging as the world’s economic centre”, Kover said “the aim is obvious: to isolate Europe from that economic area, the border line of which is stretching between Russia and the countries west of it”.


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