Speaker Laszlo Kover - Photo: MTI

Kover: EU at risk of falling into ruin

Hungary's parliamentary speaker, Laszlo Kover, addressing a conference in Dresden, Germany, on Tuesday, accused the European Union's political elite of being detached from reality and the interests of ordinary Europeans, and Hungarians expected this elite to step back from "destroying" the EU.

At the event, the Central European Forum, organised by the Parliament of Saxony, Kover said: “We central Europeans are lectured far more often about what the European Union expects of us than they ask about what we central Europeans expect from the European Union.”

Hungarians, he said, expected the European Union to desist “from turning a peace project into a war project” and from turning “a democracy project into a dictatorship project”.

Further, “a welfare project should not be turned into an impoverishment project”, he said, adding that the EU should not succumb to “anti-Christian” political forces in the land of two thousand years of European Christian culture.

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