Laszlo Kover – Photo: MTI

Kover: EU about to be destroyed by its protectors

The European Union is on course to be destroyed by the very people currently trying to protect it from Hungary, Speaker of Parliament Laszlo Kover told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio on Sunday.

Regarding the current state of affairs in the EU, Kover said that “after Nazis and Communists, a new totalitarian ambition is about to destroy Europe, sometimes called Liberalism, post-Humanism or whatever… green folly.”

Commenting on claims of “uppity politicians rubbing in our faces that we would not be accepted into the EU today because of our so-called rule-of-law issues and values and views,” Kover said he would probably vote against Hungary joining the bloc if the referendum was held today.

Kover said he had voted for the EU in 2003 out of conviction that with its accession, Hungary would receive a favourable, democratic and civilised framework as well as funding.

“That is true right up to this day,” Kover said, stressing he did not think Hungary would fare better outside the EU.

However, “we are subjected to a degree of aggression and have been told to leave normality behind in a way that awakens resistance not only in Hungarians but also in the majority of Europeans,” he insisted.

Representatives of the European left — “sitting as often in the European People’s Party as in the far left” — were intentionally dismantling the EU’s moral framework, he said.

Regarding the Hungarian general election in 2022, Kover said the stakes were to protect the achievements of the “rather ambiguous” regime change in 1989-90, but also the government’s measures to reduce utility fees and wide-ranging family support schemes.

He slammed the opposition for “proclaiming an open uprising against the constitutional order.” They are, however, deluded to think that the Hungarian majority will “suffer the vandalism of a terrorist minority in this country,” Kover said.

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